How many of us would like to have a garden but just don’t know where to start? Or don’t have the time? Or don’t have a green thumb? ( I’ve raised my hand!) Well, fret no more! Fresh, home-grown vegetables from your own garden are just a click away. I’ve come across a fantabulous company that will help you get started. I haven’t used them myself, in fact, I’ve just discovered them, but it looks like such a great idea. Read for yourself!

Do you dream of eating vitamin-packed, fresher-than-fresh, organic vegetables grown right outside your window?

Now you can with Urban Seedling – Montreal’s first Organic veggie gardeners for hire. Even if don’t have the time or know-how to plant an organic vegetable garden we can help you get fresh, yummy organic vegetables on your table this summer.

Because we know all about organic vegetable gardening. We love it! And so do our growing list of organic vegetable gardening clients.


Here is a link to their website: